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INVITATION: A Spotlight on Local Heritage - Down to Earth in the Minsterley parish

INVITATION: A Spotlight on Local Heritage
The Shropshire and Powys borderlands are a rich and varied landscape containing great beauty, interest and complexity.

The Stiperstones and Corndon Landscape Partnership Scheme (LPS) offers the opportunity for those who care about this landscape to make a real contribution towards not only its conservation but also its enhancement. This major 5 year initiative (ending in March 2018) has been developed in consultation with a range of local partners and made possible through the support of the Heritage Lottery Fund.

One element of the Stiperstones and Corndon LPS is ‘Down to Earth’. This project gives advice and grant aid to local community groups that want to care for and learn more about their local landscapes, landmarks or traditions. Features could be anything from milestones and ancient holy wells through to distinctive field patterns and ancient track ways – as the attached leaflet describes, it is for the community to decide. Down to Earth enables communities to develop projects designed to deliver actual improvements to their local landscape.

With this background, I would like to invite you to a Spotlight on Local Heritage in which I will explain Down to Earth in more detail and outline the opportunities it brings. Along with myself, the evening will involve presentations from guest speakers David Preshous (South West Shropshire Historical and Archaeological Society) and Stephen Griffin (Friends of the Green and Horsewell) who are involved in the project.

The meeting will take place at the Callow Room, Minsterley Village Hall on Tuesday 19th January 2016, at 7.30pm *Free food and refreshments*

To book your place please contact: joe.penfold@shropshire.gov.uk.
For further information on Down to Earth, please visit our website http://www.stiperstonesandcorndon.co.uk/down-to-earth/ , or contact Joe on 01938 561741.


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