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Floods in winter

Watercourse Maintenance

As we are approaching the winter and potentially unpleasant weather conditions, we would like to remind landowners and residents about the importance of watercourse maintenance with regard to reducing flood risk. It is important that watercourses are free flowing to reduce flood risk for the properties and land in the immediate vicinity as well as land further upstream.

In the first instance we ask for watercourses to be inspected and checked that they are clear and running freely. If safe, please remove any obstacles, vegetation or other obstructions that may be restricting the flow. This should be done promptly to alleviate any current problems and carried out routinely from then on.


We would like to remind property owners that sandbags should not be relied on as a flood prevention measure – they are difficult to handle and are limited in their effectiveness. We would urge property owners who may be at risk of flooding to consider property protection measures such as flood boards, non-return valves and airbrick covers in advance. We can help to advise on the types of measure which may be appropriate……….see below, or visit the National Flood Forum website http://www.nationalfloodforum.org.uk/

Highway Gullies

Due to the time of year and the recent high winds, we have received a number of calls regarding fallen leaves blocking highway gullies. While we will do our best to keep roads clear and remove leaves to avoid blockages, they can quickly return and cause problems to re-occur. With the swipe of a wellie boot, if it is safe to do so, leaves can easily be moved away from highway gullies, reducing the risk of a blockage or flood. This is a useful message to pass around at this time of year, but obviously safety should be considered first and foremost.

Property Flood Protection Assessment

Shropshire Council offers a free property flood protection assessment to property owners who have experienced flooding or where a property may be at risk of flooding. An assessment will be made of the likely routes of ingress for flood water entering a property and measures that could be used to prevent or mitigate flood damage to the home. After visiting, the surveyor will issue a brief report outlining their findings. The householder can then use the report to help plan protective measures for their property.

Repair and Renew Grant

And finally, another reminder that the Repair and Renew Grant of up to £5000 is available for properties which flooded between 1 December 2013 and 31 March 2014. The funding can be used to increase a property’s resistance and/or resilience against future flooding. More information can be found on our website or by emailing flood@shropshire.gov.uk


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