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Minutes of meeting 11th February 2014

Minsterley Parish Council

Chair G M Rogers

MINUTES TUES 11th Feb 2014 7pm Feb14

Present G Rogers (GR) Chair Councillors Brown (GB) Jackson (RJ)
Potter (AP) Allen (NA) Bill (BB) Taylor (PT) Bebb (TB)

D Leeson (clerk) + 5 residents

1/ Open Forum
Residents from the Grove came for an update on flood solution. TB went over current position re the position of the owner of the field that contains the land drain that has been identified for repair. TB had tried to approach relevant parties with little success, and asked if the PC would if possible arrange for dredge of brook. Discussion ensued to find a way forward, Chair voiced his concern that the council had exhausted all routes but had been unable to get support. After discussion TB was asked to request that the work commence as soon as possible from Davies property to the boundary of Mrs Evans property,and get S Council to write to Mrs Evans.
Clerk to get cost from T Evans to clear/dredge brook for 50 yards from bridge.
S Reader asked about drain on highways round the environs of the village.
Clerk Read out Police report 1 Crim damage, 1 Drugs related, 1 Vehicle, 5 ASB

2/ Apologies

M Davies not attended

3/ Dispensations/Interests Co Option

GR Shropshire Council school
GB Parish Hall
TB S Council M Webb

4/ Minutes of Jan meeting

Signed as true by Chair (GR) Proposed by BB agreed by all

5/ Parish Property

a) Square
Clerk still not had confirmation from Muller that they are able to contribute to the purchase of a new notice board. TB asked that clerk try and get a number for Muller HQ and let him know (Act Clerk)

b) Playing field

c) Street lights

No 75 A488 Plox Green rd opposite bus stop/shelter

Highway light still not working on Callow Lane by play area gate

Clerk read out info from Potters Elec about a lamp requiring a new timer and also VAT to be charged. Potters to be asked for new unit for day burning lamp. (Act Clerk)

d) Footpaths
Fallen tree across Grove path waiting for R Knight team to do, they had seen the issue and would d/w.

e) Play areas

Clerk had ordered equipment from Wicksteed after confirming spoil removal. 6-8 weeks.
Inspection had been done and copies sent o Council. The cost seems high from the inspection company to repair. An estimate was to be sought from R Parry. (Act Clerk)
Clerk presented outline of further play facilities. It was stated no funds at this time.

6/ Shropshire Council

a) Highways
Tim Sneddon had been in touch with Councilor Allen. NA asked about drains and he said did not want to put more traffic lights on A488 at present. NA said the flooding here went into the Toll House. Clerk to inform highways.
Vegetation still encroaching on highway on horsebridge road. Highways to be asked to liaise wit PT.
Work done has not cleared drains on A488. And other areas in parish causing flooded highways clerk to inform highways.
There is a pot hole on horsebridge rd at sharp bend by seven trent. (Act Clerk)
The A488 is to be closed at Wag beachfor poss 3 days to install new footbridge.
RJ said large lorries for chicken farm were being taken up Callow cres by SATNAV. Could we ask M Davies to supply postcode near entrance to New Hall Farm

b) Footpaths
Clerk and PT had approached J Salisbury about dog fouling. She was to be asked to contact school. (Act Clerk)
c) Flooding
Discussed in open forum

7/ Planning
1 application 36 Ash Lea, no comments.
Hot food takeaway had been passed by inspector on appeal. Council disappointed again.
BB asked for copy of report.

8/Payments to be made
Balance agreed with statement noted by Chair.


Clerk read out corres, - no response to BT phone box consult.


GB informed no grant money for LJC. Future in doubt.
The Community action officer will be lost.
Heading toward commissioning board as tried at Church Streton
At CAP meeting the Police encouraged residents to call 101 re alcohol incidents
Note for Website- Sevenside gate still open
The next local market is 2nd March

Meeting ended 21:30

Signed as true by Chair 11/3/2014


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