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Minutes of meeting 10th November 2013

Minsterley Parish Council

Chair G M Rogers

MINUTES TUES 12th Nov 2013 7pm Nov13

Present G Rogers (GR) Chair Councillors Bebb (TB) Brown (GB) Jackson (RJ)
Potter (AP) Allen (NA) Bill (BB) Davies(MD)

D Leeson (clerk) + 2 residents S Reader J Jones

1/ Open Forum
TB welcomed back Chair G Rogers as did rest of Council
Mr Jones asked if the phone box outside Crown & Scptre could be removed. Had not been in use for some 6 months no one has complained, it is often vandalised and used as a toilet. S Reader asked for information on SAMDEV and if the MInsterley - Pontesbury footpath was still happening.
Clerk read out Police report, 2 Criminal Damage, 1 Burglary, 4 ASB.

2/ Apologies

P Taylor(Family)

3/ Dispensations/Interests Co Option

TB Shropshire Council planning
GR Shropshire Council school
GB Parish Hall
AP Flooding

4/ Minutes of Oct meeting

Signed as true by Chair (GR) Proposed by Chair agreed by all

5/ Parish Property

a) Square
Clerk said he had not had confirmation from Muller that they are able to contribute to the purchase of a new notice board. They were awaiting a decision. Decided to wait for their confirmation.
GR said that the MTRP wanted to site a tourism sign in the village and were looking at suitable sites possibly the square
Discussion on phone box decided to ask BT to remove (Act Clerk)

b) Playing field
M Rangers football team had asked for some pitch marker. Clerk authorised to purchase and will be reimbursed(supplier takes credit card prior to delivery)

c) Street lights

Repairs by Potters had been done timeously. 2 issues with repairs outside pottery seems on during daylight hours, - horsebridge rd goes out midnight til 5 am supplier informed.
Further lights with problems
No 17 Outside 1 Maple Drive timing wrong,
No 8 Opposite 11 Hawthorn Rd not working,
No 20 side of 78 Callow Cres not working
No 63 opposite 9 Willow Park not working
Reported by Clerk

d) Footpaths
No issues

e) Play areas

Clerk to pursue Section 106 application, some details provided by NA from Hanwood and Pontesbury play areas.

6/ Shropshire Council

a) Highways

Toll house roundabout vegetation G Brown to pursue. Bus stop not moved Clerk to pursue (Act Clerk & GB)

b) Footpaths

c) Flooding

AP said he had contact with Mouchel they have encountered problems doing work but hoped to complete by Xmas. Clerk had letter from Seven Trent saying they would do some cleaning work, and this had been done. Letter from MP to minister yielded no help all he said was approach the relevant agencies.

7/ Planning
No applications but TB said Hot food takeaway had been refused.
There was a general discussion of ongoing planning matters.
There was then a discussion re the SAMDEV. A letter had been received from resident and a request for Parish Council comments from Anna Jones. MD left meeting at this point. After discussion it was decided to reply to SC We stand by our suggested sites of Hall Farm and Orchid Meadow as originally identified.
MD was re-called.

8/Payments to be made

i/ Wreath Remembrance Sunday 40 cheque no 568
ii/ Bench Install P Stealey 636 cheque no 569
iii/ Potters Electrical light repair 759.50 cheque no 570
iiii/ SC Election Fees 100 cheque no 571
v/ Tony Bishton Maint + bus shelter paint 780 cheue no 572

Balance at bank noted, 28,230.51

Agreed payment Pro BB sec GB

Cheque 300 from Minsterley Garage for sponsorship planting
There was a discussion on the requirements for precept based on forecast from Clerk
Decision to be held for December


Read out corres no actions forthcoming


NA said due to lack of progress he was unable to attend further MCAP meetings. He had organised purchase of shrubbery under the tree scheme to be planted in Feb. There was a need for some fencing. The Sevenside gate near brook should be closed.

Meeting ended 20:40

Signed as true by Chair 10/12/2013


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