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Minutes of meeting 9th June 2013

Minsterley Parish Council

Chair G M Rogers

MINUTES TUES 11th June 2013 7pm June13

Present G Rogers (GR) Chair Councillors Taylor (PT) Brown (GB) Jackson (RJ)
Shropshire Councillor T Bebb(TB)
G Maxwell(Parrys) D Fairclough (SC)
D Leeson (clerk) + 4 residents

1/ Open Forum
Residents again asked for news on the Grove Flooding issue. No progress as yet on this critical issue. GR gave some details of information he had obtained and the Clerk read out letters he had received from D Kawcynski(MP) and C Edwards S Council a discussion then ensued about lack of action and referred to an email from D Edwards S Council. Concern as now 12 months since last major flood although levels had been high just 2 weeks ago.. TB as Shropshire Councillor said he would press for action at cabinet level and will try to organise a site meeting.
(Act TB)
Guy Maxwell of Parrys gave a short presentation of options around the possible development of Hall Farm which included an extension. TB declared an interest as a Shropshire councillor on planning and asked that housing need be considered and the sewage requirement in any decision.

D Fairclough introduced himself as the liason between SC and the Parish. He said re flooding SC could offer a local flood plan
He also asked for help with the Community Alcohol Partnership that was targeting 13 -19 year olds.. There was to be a fun day at Parish Hall and asked for a donation to costs. This was a first steps action to find a way to get young people away from alcohol.
TB said there was an LJC meeting in Minsterley where the Flood officers would be present and the local Police commissioner on 2/7/13 7pm Minsterley PH
He urged all to attend.
Bruce Bill asked why the former refusal of change of use to Hot food takeaway at garage had been over turned. MPC should apply for a TRO and make representations at the planning meeting (Act Clerk)
Sarah asked if circus posters could be taken down TB will take up at S Council (Act TB)

Clerk read police report for May 2 crimes 1 ASB 1 RTA Concern at lack of Police in rural arteas Commissioner to be available at 2nd July LJC

2/ Apologies
M Davies(France) N Allen(Business) A Potter(PTA)

3/ Dispensations/Interests Co Option

GR proposed that TB be co-opted onto the Council Sec PT and all agreed
Gr proposed that TB be Vice Chair and all agreed
Tb declared an interest as S Councillor regard to planning

4/ Minutes of May meeting

Signed as true by Chair (GR) Pro GB Sec PT

5/ Parish Property

a) Square

The general Parish notice board in the centre has been vandalised not long after it had been repaired. It was agreed that it should be repaired again and Clerk to organise
(Act Clerk)
Plaque wanted for the new tree in jubilee gardens clerk to look into (Act Clerk)

b) Playing field

Request from B Davies for use of playing field for fete
He is to be asked that he must obtain any licences and insurance, no vehicles, and the site must be cleaned after use, and any security required must be provided. (Act Clerk)
Mr Potter was upset that people were using his field as a footpath after recent repairs to fencing, so it has been adjusted exec/emergency action Chair.

c) Street lights


d) Footpaths

The grove footpath has a tree across it, Clerk to mail Footpaths for clearance and an update as to how they see the condition of the footpath (Act Clerk )

e) Play areas

Callow Lane area between play area and brook is being used for drinking etc. It will be difficult and costly to clear as has been suggested. Option is to fence and plant to deter use. GR to ask Shrewsbury Town Council (Mike Pugh) about a solution (Act GR)
Football is being played on the grassed area. Complaints received Clerk to enquire after 2 signs for no ball games. (Act Clerk)

6/ Shropshire Council

a) Highways

There is a pothole outside the post office that has reappeared a week after filling in (Act Clerk)

b) Footpaths

c) Flooding

TB to take up at Shropshire Council
Clerk to reply to D Kawcynski (MP) detailing concerns about no action and when it is likely to take place (Act Clerk)

Other Sc issue was a vacant property at 35 callow Cres TB will take up with Severnside Housing

7/ Planning

30 Willow Park approved.
TB said he had been told that a Taxi business was operating from a private residence he will look into
Hot food at Garage, - Apply for Traffic restriction Order, get Muller to support this.
At committee request to speak Clerk to attend
Anna Jones had sent in a note asking for an urgent reply about Guy Maxwell’s proposal to amend consultation on SAMDEV at Hall Farm
A proposal by TB and seconded by GB of the councils position:-
Due to Time constraints we have not been able to consult the residents but in principle the parish council agree to include the amendment to the Hall Farm site going into SAMDEV consultation was passed
(Act Clerk)

8/Payments to be made

i/ Clerks 3 mth net pay £576 cheque no 548
ii/ Clerks paye HMRC £384 cheque no 549
iii/ clerks agreed expenses 3 mth £90 cheque no 550
iiii/ R Edwards Cleaning contract £650 cheque no 551
v/ S Council 3 mth street light energy £815.77 cheque no 552

Balance at bank noted, £34301.57 confirms with accts to date

Agreed payment Pro GB sec PT


d/w above


£125 donation to Alcohol partnership to be agreed next meeting

Meeting ended 21:05

Signed as true by Chair



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