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Minutes of meeting May 14th 2013

Minsterley Parish Council

Chair G M Rogers

MINUTES TUES 14th May 2013 8pm May 13

Present G Rogers (GR) Chair Councillors Allen (NA) Potter(AP) Taylor (PT) Brown (GB)
D Leeson (clerk) + 4 residents

1/ Open Forum
Residents asked for news on the Grove Flooding issue. No progress as yet on this critical issue. Was the funding in place? Was the funding for dredging in place. Would the footpath be reinstated. There is a tree in brook from Bovale land. Now is the best time to do this work, Clerk to write to owners of issue and Chair to contact D Edwards.
Advertising boards left around the village Clerk to write to T Sneddon
(Act Clerk & GR)
Cerk read police report for April 3 crimes 6 ASB

2/ New Council

Clerk welcomed Councillors and asked then to return the forms from S Council within 14 days. He would write to Councillors Davies and Jackson to inform them. Clerk to write to TB re co-option.
Clerk asked for nominations for Chair. G Rogers was nominated (PT & NA) and voted as Chair. Vice chair was left open til next meeting.
Clerk returned meeting to Chair Rogers.

3/ Apologies

Councillors R Jackson & M Davies

4/ Dispensations

5/ Confirmation of minutes Apr Meeting

Signed as true by Chair (GR) Pro PT Sec NA
Matters arising tree at 26 Willow Park put T Sneddon in touch with Mr Lewis
Discussion about plaque for jubilee gardens to be on June agenda

6/ Parish Property

a) Square

The Minsterley Garage has agreed to sponsor planting on roundabout Clerk had asked him to speak to T Bishton about his requestsfor plants.
The move of a bench from the square was in progress still. The pipe emptying dirty water into the brook has stopped.

b) Playing field

Rental now received from Minsterley Rangers 200
Request from C Morrell to train his Worthen boys team on the playing field, - approved no charge (Act Clerk)

c) Street lights

Agree to continue with power supply under Shropshire Council scheme
(Act Clerk )

d) Footpaths

Hole in Grove footpath dangerous on Bovale land. Clerk to ask footpaths team to inspect and get Bovale to fix (Act Clerk )

e) Play areas

R Parry had replace bush on swing in main playground.
Callow Cres play area is a problem D Fairclough at S Council has offered to organise a clearance but wants the council to ensure strimmed after clearance. GR to obtain quotes for strimmng
The other side of the brook appears to belong to R Jones at Poulton farm. S Council to be asked to write to him to ensure clear.
The headmaster had not been able to make progress with Clive Dean re Sect 106 spend, clerk to get in touch. (Act Clerk)

6/ Shropshire Council

a) Highways

It was noted that a crossing had been installed in Hanwood, despite our requests for one for Minsterley. PT asked for a speed check 8-9 Crown to Co-op Clerk to approach PC.
(Act Clerk)
b) Footpaths

dog fouling team at S Council had taken steps and are requesting consultation via their website. Clerk to put on MPC website (Act Clerk)

c) Flooding

Clerk to write to owners of issue as noted in Public Forum

8/ Planning

19 Orchard Drive already approved.
No News on takeaway May 15 Clerk received email re on site visit 23 May 10:00)
Anna Jones had sent in a note saying she did not think a developer would want to develop the Hall Farm site due to historical site. She asked for it to be dropped or a reserve site.
MPC had done their work and wanted their proposals to stand there is no reserve site
(Act Clerk)

9/ Agree Acounts for audit

i/ Clerk had the accounts internally audited by C Muir.
Clerk gave overview of financial position and presented 2012=13 accounts.
ii/ Mazars audit commission forms Signed by G Rogers agreed GB & PT

10/Payments to be made

i/ C Muir Int Audit 30 cheque no 543
ii/ Came & Co Insurance 860.80 cheque no 544
iii/ M Ellis fence repairs 110 cheque no 545
iiii/ N Farr fence supplies 59.70 cheque no 546
v/ S Council lease of Playing field 10 cheque no 547

Balance at bank noted, 32196.07

Agreed payment Pro GB sec PT




Meeting ended 20:50

Signed as true by Chair



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