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Minutes of meeting 9th Apr 2013

Minsterley Parish Council

Chair G M Rogers

MINUTES TUES 9th Apr 2013 8pm Apr 13

Present G Rogers (GR) Chair Councillors Allen (NA) Jackson (RJ) M Davies (MD) Potter(AP)
D Leeson (clerk) + 2 residents

1/ Open Forum

2/ Apologies

Councillors P Taylor T Bebb G Brown A Davies

3/ Dispensations


4/ Confirmation of minutes Mar Meeting

Signed as true by Chair (GR) Pro MD Sec AP

5/ Parish Property

a) Square

The sponsors signs on the roundabout had been damaged in bad weather. Clerk said he had received a request from sponsor about planting. Clerk was instructed to write to sponsor and ask did he want to continue and replace signs and did he have a requirement for planting
The move of a bench from the square was in progress still. Notice board repair done.
There was a pipe emptying dirty water into the brook opposite the kissing gate by former bridge hotel. Councillor Potter will take a look. (Act Clerk & AP)

b) Playing field

No response re over grown bank leading up to field. Clerk had contacted council and this was ongoing.
Rental not received from Minsterley Rgrs clerk had pursued with Sunday Lge and was waiting for response from Team.
Authority given for work on fencing of field by M Ellis. RJ to liaise with contractor about .requirements. Ok for M Mead to look into improve BMX but no Council funding available (Act Clerk&RJ)

c) Street lights

Outside 1 Maple Dr comes on late and lasts til mid morning
SC had installed new light by Pelican crossing and needed new lights for school warning but had trouble obtaining. Clerk to thank for new light.
NWP it was decided to appoint Kirk Taylor at Potter Electrical to maintain P Council lights from 1/5/13 clerk to inform supplier.
(Act Clerk )

d) Footpaths

There is a tree down in the brook from the grove footpath AP to look at. T Sneddon to be asked about tidying of circus fliers (Act Clerk&AP )

e) Play areas

The play areas had been found to be ok after visit by NA & RJ mainly cosmetic issues from report are the only issues o/s. MD to get caps for equipment.
There is a lot of litter in the brook by the Callow Cres play area. Unsure if on Sevenside bank or parish. Councillors to visit to ascertain. Consider payback scheme.
(Act All & MD)

6/ Shropshire Council

a) Highways

Issues still o/s

Tree still over grows 26 Willow Park, conifers still encroach by Barytes Cottage Clerk to write again to SC.
(Act Clerk)
b) Footpaths

Mr Lewis at 26 Willow Park had written re over hanging Willows from side of Brook on SC land encroaching on his property. Clerk to liase with tree officer in planning (Act Clerk)

c) Flooding

Councillor Bebb to continue pressing Shropshire Council.

7/ Planning

There is some Sect 106 money available for open spaces. Clerk informed school who are liaising with Play Officer at SC
(Act Clerk)
Application 1 Horsebridge Hall no objections
2 Hot food takeaway at Garage Object letter received form parishioner still considered a danger

8/Payments to be made

i/ M Brown website 32.39 cheque no 539
ii/ Minsterley P Hall Hire 125 cheque no 540
iii/ Clerks PAYE to HMRC 181.60 cheque no 541
iiii/ M Goult repair to noticeboard 160 cheque no 542

Balance at bank noted, 12038.40

Agreed payment Pro RJ sec MD
Cerk to check signatories


RCC request for funding, response as per policy.
Invite to Mayor of Shrews celebration


Meeting ended 21:10

Signed as true by Chair



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