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Minutes of meeting 12th Feb 2013

Minsterley Parish Council

Chair G M Rogers

MINUTES TUES 12th Feb 2013 7pm Feb 13

Present G Rogers (GR) Chair Councillors Taylor (PT) Allen (NA) Brown (GB) Potter (AP) Jackson (RJ)
D Leeson (clerk) + 6 resident & 1 visitor from Muller Dairy

1/ Open Forum

Residents asked for updates on Flood issues around the Grove. No updates but there was a meeting following night at M Webb school where D Edwards could be questioned.
Councillor Bebb had left information that funding had been applied for to repair the drainage ditch. National funding had been applied for re any dredging.
There were concerns re a planning application in Horsebridge rd. Will be discussed under planning
Police report from PC Somerfield read out by the Clerk– Councillor Taylor was concerned about youths at the square still, any issues must be reported to police.

2/ Apologies

Councillors A Davies M Davies T Bebb

3/ Dispensations


4/ Confirmation of minutes Jan Meeting

Signed as true by Chair (GR) Pro GB Sec PT

Various comments again made about progress of Highway problems, promised solutions had not taken place. Clerk to enquire (Act Clerk)

5/ Parish Property

a) Square

The move of one of the benches to Jubilee Garden was in progress An ASB camera had been installed. General notice board by bridge damaged GR & NA to obtain repair quotes (Act GR & NA)
Litter bin had been replaced

b) Playing field

No response from Zoe Mortimer re over grown bank leading up to field
Rental not received from Minsterley Rgrs clerk to pursue. (Act Clerk)

c) Street lights

NWP – needed to visit Longleat Close as one off and one on all day.
Outside No 21 Hawthorn Rd
SC Highways outside New House farm drive on A488
Opposite junction with Callow Lane on A488
Outside Fire station by churns on A488
Roundabout lights at Horsebridge rd still on all day and obscured by foliage
Zebra Crossing lights out and warning approach lights and still dark (Matt Muir)
(Act Clerk )

d) Footpaths

Dog fouling seems to be a growing issue again despite notice in the Parish magazine.
T Sneddon to be approached for 2 extra bins, and also the path at Barytes Cottage was still overgrown (Act Clerk )

e) Play areas

The safety inspection has been done but not received clerk to pursue Digleys(Act Clerk)

6/ Shropshire Council

a) Highways

Issues still o/s

Salt bin required in Park Meadow. Could a sweeper be sent round the village
Litter picks – from orchid meadow entrance up callow Lane past the Play area entrance
from the play area in parish hall along the path to Longleat Close
Petition form 10 residents and letter about the condition of the B4499 Leigh road. Verges broken pool of water outside Park farm people unable to walk to work/visit at Hillcrest manor exacerbated by diversion along this route
Main road in village has started to break apart. Clerk to write to Highways to ask for officer to visit council meeting
(Act Clerk)

b) Flooding

Meeting at Mary Webb with D Edwards at M Webb school

7/ Planning

There is some Sect 106 money available for open spaces. This is not for use as CIL.
G Rogers top approach school for requirements.
(Act GR)
Application 1 Bovale for Drive on Horsebridge Rd original objections stand
2 “ Little Minsterley oak conservatory No objection

8/Payments to be made

i/ Shropshire Council Streetlight power £727.75 cheque no 533

Agreed payment Pro AP sec GB


Letter from Home office re PCC to be put on website, other corres noted.


Representative of Mullers the new diary owners welcomed thegood relations with the Parish Council.

Meeting ended 20:35

Signed as true by Chair



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