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Minutes of meeting 13th Nov 12

Minsterley Parish Council

Chair G M Rogers

MINUTES TUES 13th Nov 2012 7pm Nov 12

Present G Rogers (GR) Chair Councillors Taylor (PT) Allen (NA) Brown (GB) Potter (AP) Jackson (RJ) Bebb (TB) D Leeson (clerk)

+ 3 residents

1/ Open Forum

Police report from PC Somerfield 3 crimes, 6 nuisance, police are monitoring parking in the Grove, There is an ASB car visiting the area, PC is looking into installing an ASB camera and even considering a Sect30 order. The PC said there was a heightened risk of burglary residents to be aware. Thanks to PC for his diligence.
Residents of the Grove asked for flood progress report, TB said he would escalate. There is a flood forum 6 Dec 17:00. (Act TB)

2/ Apologies

A Davies apologies received.

3/ Dispensations

Clerk asked for outstanding DPI forms, TB was not aware of changes, he wanted to declare interests in Minsterley school + SC especially planning (Clerk to confirm)

4/ Confirmation of minutes Oct Meeting

Signed as true by Chair (GR) Pro PT Sec GB

5/ Parish Property

a) Square

Planting had taken place and a bill presented(See 8iii) It was decided to site one of the benches in Jubilee gardens Clerk will inform SC re Section 80 order.
Parking outside school was churning up grass verges GR to liase with school (Act Clerk & GR)

b) Playing field

Steps to playing field on S Council land need a hand rail, Clerk had not had a reply from S Council. Clerk to liase with B Morris(PPP) (Act Clerk)

c) Street lights

A number of streetlights need attention Clerk to report to SC and NWP (Act Clerk)

d) Footpaths

Footpath fouling had been reported but felt that we had done all we could we need someone to report an offender. Note to be put in magazine
No 21 Willow park needs some help clearing footpath PPP to be approached for advice
Note that bike racks are to be installed by MTRP (Act Clerk & GR)

e) Play areas

The safety inspection is overdue, Clerk to liaise with provider - update done Thurs 15th (Act Clerk)

6/ Shropshire Council

a) Highways

Issues still o/s
Broken drain cover in Horsebridge by Horsebridge Farm and No. 1 not fixed
Grove needs resurface after floods
Pipes between drains are blocked on A488 in Plox Green causing flooding of property
The 20mph signs that flash up at school times have lights out.

New issues :-
Clean of path from park at parish hall to Longleat
Grove footpath sign gone
Overgrown trees over footpath on A488 at Barytes Cottage makes footpath unusable

Clerk to write to Highways. Also to find out why no action or information re these repairs some of which had been reported before had been forthcoming update SC have issues ongoing with the o/s issues
(Act Clerk)

7/ Planning

Application for change of use in Park Meadow to go to committee

8/Payments to be made

i/ Payment for Poppy wreath to RBL 30.00 cheque no 526
ii/ SC Streetlight power 727.75 cheque no 527
iii/ Tony Bishton planting tidy& gdn. 495.00 cheque no 528

Balance 17.526.21 as at 23/10/12
Statement of bank account viewed by GR Agreed payment Pro TB sec GB


Note re closure of the horsebridge to motor vehicles 26/27 Nov
Flood forum meeting 6/1212 17:00


Clerk to present details of expenditure next year and confirmation of position of clerk
Pontesbury PC wanted to know if we wanted a place on Corndon trust

Meeting ended 20:45

Signed as true by Chair



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