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Minutes Of Meeting 11th Sept 2012

Minsterley Parish Council

Chair G M Rogers

MINUTES TUES 11th Sep 2012 7pm SEPT 12

Present G Rogers(GR) Chair Councillors Taylor(PT) M Davies(MD) Allen(NA) Brown(GB) Potter(AP) Jackson(RJ) D Leeson (clerk)
Apologies T Bebb A Davies
+ Many residents of the parish and PC Somerfield

1/ Open Forum

Notice was brought to the attention of the PC of the parking problems on the bend in the road in The Grove
Many residents of the area around the village square attended to put forward their worries and comcerns and help from the Council in resolving issues due to the large number of young people gathering in that area at all times of day and night.
A discussion took place of issues and responses
Help from the council was also sought in relation to a planning application

2/ Welcome Roy Jackson Parish Councillor

3/ Declarations of interest

Were made by
GR, relating to SC, Schools, Church
GB relating to Parish Hall, MTRP

4/ Confirmation of minutes Aug Meeting

Signed as true by Chair(GR) Sec MD

5/ Parish Property

a) Square

After representations from residents it was decided to remove the benches from the square. Clerk asked to contact Shropshire Council for permission to site them on their land near the Parish Hall. GB also asked to seek permission from Parish Hall committee to site one on the Parish Hall (Act Clerk & GB)

b) Playing field

Steps to playing field on S Council land need a hand rail, can we ask footpaths for same.
(Act Clerk)

c) Street lights

One light at Briar close had been reported and passed to NWP

d) Footpaths

Footpath to rear of Willow Park has been attended to but still supporting letter and photos provided, clerk toliase with S Council
Footpath to Grove needs re-instating can we ask S Council to look into and also Bovale
(Act Clerk)

e) Play areas

No new checksheets for Caretaker Clerk to provide (Act Clerk)

6/ Shropshire Council

a) Highways

Broken drain cover in Horsebridge by Horsebridge Farm and No. 1
Bollard by Co op still not replaced
Bridge at horsebridge seems to be rusted and needs inspection
Grove needs resurface after floods
(Act Clerk)

b) Footpaths

As above

c) Flooding

Further meeting on 2nd Oct. Flood officer had contacted weather station.
Letter re drainage to be passed to Highways

7/ Planning

Application for change of use in Park Meadow from Home to homeworking. Object Clerk to write to planning dept
Letter re recent application at Garage that was refused noted
Quick discussion about putting our requirements for CIL in. Youth/Flooding
(Act Clerk)

8/Payments to be made

i/ Shropshire Council Energy(Lighting) 727.75 cheque no 521
ii/ Tony Bishton (Maint) 275.00 cheque no 522

Balance 19,887.16 at 25/7/12
Statement of bank account viewed by GB Agreed payment Pro GR sec GB


Note re election next year from S Council


Reminder Market Oct 28th

Meeting ended 20:25

Permission was asked and granted for Temp Clerk to be reimbursed for expenses incurred on parish business.


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