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Minutes of Meeting 14th August 2012

Minsterley Parish Council

Chair G M Rogers

MINUTES TUES 14th Aug 2012 7pm JULY 12

Present G Rogers(GR) Chair Councillors Taylor(PT) M Davies(MD) Allen(NA) Brown(GB) D Leeson (clerk) Apologies A Potter A Davies
+ Many residents of the Grove

1/ Open Forum

Many residents of the Grove attended to put forward their worries and comcerns and help from the Council in resolving issues after the catastrophic flood of 13 July 2012.

2/ Co - opt Roy Jackson Parish Councillor Pro G R Sec PT

3/ Declarations of interest

Were made by
GR, relating to SC, Schools, Church
GB relating to Parish Hall, MTRP

4/ Confirmation of minutes July Meeting

Clerk asked to contact Highways again re grass at Longfield Terrace signed as true by Chair(GR) Sec MD

5/ Parish Property

a) Square

Noted that the sponsor signage was in place

b) Playing field
Cheque for 200 banked from Hopesgate, and Minsterley have promised payment soon.

The grass verge that leads to the playing field needs cutting. It is SC property Clerk to contact Z Mortimer (Act Clerk)

c) Street lights

No issues

d) Footpaths

Footpath to rear of Willow Park has been attended to but still overgrown
Footpath to Grove needs re-instating see below re Flooding
(Act Clerk)

e) Play areas

No checksheets from Caretaker Gr would liase (Act GR)
Some play equipment had been damaged GR reported to contractor who repaired
Toddlers play area a meeting place for teenagers, Police aware and monitoring

6/ Shropshire Council

a) Highways

Over head power cables down in Horsebridge Rd PT to find out who is responsible
(Act PT)

b) Footpaths

Issues discussed below

c) Flooding

After the discussion in the open forum the clerk was instructed to write to MP, Shropshire Council leader, Severn Trent water, and Shropshire Council Flood officers to see if they would attend the next or a designated meeting and for answers to the problems that arose on 13 July

7/ Planning

Disscussed issue raised in open forum of abuse of temporary approval of change of use in Aprk Meadw from Home to homeweorking. Clerk to write to planning dept
(Act Clerk)

Discussed 1 Applications to which no objection
Discussed CIL and made aware that any future planning applications the council may have to insist at the planning stage for Sect 106 monies to be charged.

Discussed change of use of property at Co op, planning dept to be asked for site meeting
(Act Clerk)

8/Payments to be made

i/ Shropshire Town Council (Grass cutting) 582.56 cheque no 518
ii/ Mazars (External Audit) 342.00 cheque no 519
iii/ Information Commissioners Office 635.00 cheque no 520
Balance 20,646.72 at 25/7/12
Statement of bank account viewed by GB Agreed payment Pro GR sec GB






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