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Minutes of meeting July 10th 2012

Chair G M Rogers

MINUTES TUES 10th July 2012 7pm JULY 12

Present G Rogers(GR) Chair Councillors Taylor(PT) Potter(AP) Bebb(TB) Allen(NA) Brown(GB) – D Leeson (clerk) + 1 Resident, 3 Landowners

1/ Appoint D Leeson Temp Parish Clerk Pro G R Sec PT

2/ Open Forum

A resident said she had made some planning comments on the SC website but was unable to view them, Clerk said he would liaise with SC
Clerk read out Police report.

3/ Declarations of interest

Were made by
GR, relating to SC, Schools, Church
TB, relating to SC, Schools Planning, MTRP
GB relating to Parish Hall, MTRP

4/ Confirmation of minutes June Meeting

No matters arising signed as true by Chair(GR)

5/ Parish Property

a) Square
A bill had been presented by Tony Bishton for cleaning planting etc see 8.iii
GR asked if we still receive the maintenance grant form SC Clerk to investigate
A cheque for sponsoring roundabout planting had been received from Minsterley Garage services (Duncan Page) email to be sent ACTION(Act) Clerk)

b) Playing field
GR & GB confirmed that the playing field would be used by HOPESGATE & MINSTERLEY this season and would require payment from each clerk to invoice
(Act Clerk)
The grass verge that leads to the playing field needs cutting. It is SC property TB to liaise with Z Mortimer (Act TB)

c) Street lights
No issues

d) Footpaths

Footpath to rear of Willow Park overgrown
Footpath New House Farm to Longfield Terr covered by grass verge
and therefore unable to use
Many of the other footpaths in the village over grown
Grove Footpath part collapsed into Brook cab SC put pressure on Bovale
Broken Bollard at Co - op
Kissing gate replaced on Grove footpath – excellent work
Can we take up with A Keyland (Act Clerk)

e) Play areas

NA had checked and all required work appears to have been carried out
Clerk said he would see about VAT rebate
NA had looked into seat for Jubilee Gdns and was still researching
T Bishton was to Fix Shed and get new slats for bench

6/ Shropshire Council

a) Highways

No issues but we had been asked if we wanted to purchase a speed advisory notice as these were being phased out. Not sure of merits but not budgeted for and deemed to expensive

b) Footpaths

Issues discussed above under 5/d

7/ Planning

Discussion of merits of proposal for business development from messrs Jones and Redge
No objections but unable to make any comment that may prejudice a future planning application. Clerk to check with Legal/Planning for position re change to SAMDEV
(Act Clerk)

Discussed 2 Applications to which no objections.

8/Payments to be made

i/ NWP light maintenance £583.20 cheque no 516
ii/ CRANE & Co Insurance £835.73 cheque no 515
iii/ Tony Bishton planting/cleaning£635.00 cheque no 517 Balance £20,646.72
Statement of bank account viewed by GB Agreed payment Pro TB sec NA


Clerk went over some notices and GB raised issue of no reply to a request for donation from Age Concern (Act Clerk)


TB raised issue of hospital parking charges raising and asked that we write to protest.
(Act Clerk)


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