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Minutes of meeting June 12th 2012

Chairman Geoff Rogers

MEETING 126 Tues 12th JUNE 2012 MINUTES 126

PRESENT: at Routine MPC Meeting 126 held at 7.00pm in MINSTERLEY PARISH HALL:-
Parish Cllrs: Chairman Geoff Rogers, plus: Cllrs Tudor Bebb, Norman Allen, Andrew Davies, Geoff Brown, Anthony Potter, Pat Taylor. Plus: Ian A. Hutchinson Parish Clerk. Plus: six other persons.

F. OPEN FORUM 126 The Chair and Clerk responded to various representations including the following:

F.1 Representations were received objecting to the proposed new take away: see planning item 126-4.2 below.
A petition from Postmaster Bruce Bill that had been signed by many other objectors was placed ON FILE.
Cllr Tudor Bebb also spoke against the proposed new take away: see his Declaration of Interest 2.3 below.

F.2 A landowner asked MPC for an amendment to MPC's SAMDev comment: see LATE item 126-9.1 below.
The landowner's paper detailing his request for land to be designated for employment was placed ON FILE.

1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE were received and ACCEPTED from: Cllr Matthew Davies. NOTED


2.1 Cllr Rogers declared his usual interest in all Shropshire Council matters particularly the Primary School.
2.2 SC Cllr Bebb declared his usual interest in all SC matters particularly any planning items and the Schools.
2.3 SC Cllr Bebb Chair of SC Planning Committee explained that by speaking publicly in this Open Forum 126 against Item 4.2 the new takeaway he had predetermined his position so he could not now vote on this item at SC Planning Meetings but he could - and he would - speak against this plan at the SC Planning Meeting.
2.4 Hall Committee Member Cllr G. Brown declared his usual interest in any items relating to the Parish Hall.

3. PREVIOUS MEETING 125 held on Tues 8 May 2012: progress reports and other ongoing items.

3.1 Minutes 125: the Chair signed the draft minutes of the last meeting as a true and accurate record. AGREED
3.2 The Clerk reported he had dealt with most ongoing items so very few were now still outstanding. NOTED

4. PLANNING APPLICATIONS The Clerk will email the following comments to SC Planners tomorrow:

4.1 Land off Horsebridge Road 12/02221/REM 09/01873/OUT approve reserved matters for one new dwelling:
MPC offered NO COMMENT for or against this plan but nevertheless all members reiterated their original concerns regarding the outline plan that the excellent access going through the grounds of the proposed new dwelling and into the paddock behind could very well lead to undesirable overdevelopment of this location.

4.2 LATE ITEM Shop Unit next to Co-op 12/02351 Mr Chata change use from A1 to A5 hot food takeaway:
MPC strongly OBJECTS to this plan for the following reasons: a) there are insufficient parking spaces at this restricted site; b) any more vehicles here would be prejudicial to highway safety on the adjacent road; c) There is hardly enough trade for the existing shop so if another take away is introduced both businesses would have a high risk of bankruptcy thus reducing local employment and our village amenities. AGREED


5.1 Part Night Streetlighting Cllr Brown gave a detailed report on SC plans for SC+MPC lights in Minsterley.
Clerk to email SC asking once again for rough estimates of the likely costs and potential savings. AGREED

5.2 Tree and tree trunk in Minsterley Brook SC Officer David Edwards is dealing with this matter. NOTED

5.3 EXTRA Parish Reports from Councillors: not included on this Agenda 126 may be NOTED as follows:
a. The Grove footpath kissing gate is broken: the Clerk will email SC Footpaths asking for repairs. NOTED
b. The Clerk will email SC regarding the strimming of the grass verge leading to the playing field. NOTED
c. The Chair and other members kindly offered to deal with the following items: The footpath at the back of Willow Park; A problem with the lock which Cllr Andrew Davies has kindly put on the playing field gate; The ongoing problem with the playing field shed roof; A request for a new public seat in Jubilee Garden; The broken bench outside the Co-op; A vehicle that is often being parked on Plox Green road. NOTED


6.1 LATE AUDIT UPDATE: Bank Statement 92 at 23 May 2012 = 49,417.65 VERIFIED by the Meeting.

6.2 MPC Casual Vacancy for Councillor Chair to advertise the vacancy in the Parish Magazine. AGREED

6.3 MPC New Code of Conduct MPC adopted SC's Model Code of Conduct for 1 July 2012: APPROVED

6.4 MPC's 1000 tax return fines HMRC has refused our appeal so MPC will take NO FURTHER ACTION but the Clerk will email MP Daniel Kawczynski asking for his help with this countywide problem. NOTED
Note: The Chair thanked the Clerk for working unpaid for this quarter so this fine was not paid by our taxpayers.

MINUTES 126 Continues Over CHAIRMAN'S INITIALS: _________________
MINUTES 126 Continued Tuesday 12th JUNE 2012 Page 126 b

7. PARISH ACCOUNTS Meeting 126 Date: 12 Jun'12 Year-13

The following accounts to be paid at this meeting: proposed by Cllr Bebb seconded Cllr Brown. AGREED

7.1 507 12.06.12 126-7.1 Ray Parry Refit Parish Hall Play+Exercise Areas ASSETS-13a 5688.00 44004.65
7.2 508 12.06.12 126-7.2 Ray Parry Refurbish Callow Lane Toddlers Area ASSETS-13b 19566.00 24438.65
7.3 509 12.06.12 126-7.3 SC streetlights power 1st quarter: Apr+May+Jun'12 POWER-13a 727.75 23710.90
7.4 510 12.06.12 126-7.4 Norman Allen Refund costs of Jubilee tree+guard Project-13b 25.25 23685.65
7.5 511 12.06.12 126-7.5 Minsterley School LJC grant for Jubilee Projects Project-13c 550.00 23135.65
7.6 512 12.06.12 126-7.6 Ron Edwards Cleaning Contract: Apr+May+Jun'12 Cleaning-13a 650.00 22485.65
7.7 513 12.06.12 126-7.7 Stewart Associates Filing P35 tax online plus P60 FEES-13b 60.00 22425.65
7.8 514 12.06.12 126-7.8 Minsterley Church LJC Jubilee Grant via MPC Project-13d 275.00 22150.65

EXTRA ACCOUNTS ITEMS not specified on this Agenda 126 but which may be NOTED as follows:

7.9 The Chair tabled his own 200 cheque to MPC re: the 200 cash he had received from Minsterley Rangers for their playing field rental. The Chairman will now pay this in to MPC's Treasurers Account. NOTED

7.10 Cllr Allen said the new wicket gate at the toddlers play area is faulty: Clerk will email Ray Parry. NOTED

7.11 The Clerk will email Rachel Johnson requesting the remaining 148.75 LJC-9 Jubilee Grant money for MPC towards Cllr Allen's own Jubilee Bench Project for a new public seat for our new Jubilee Garden. NOTED

8. EXTERNAL ITEMS including routine correspondence and other general information.

8.1 Next LJC-9 Meeting will be at Cruckton on Wed 13 June 2012: Cllr Brown outlined the agenda. NOTED

9. EXTRA INFORMATION LATE information from the Clerk and EXTRA information from Councillors.

Note: These items were not specified on this Agenda 126 but they may be NOTED or DEFERRED as follows:

9.1 MPC's SAMDev Comment See owner's email requesting part of MIN018 be designated for employment.
The owner's email and a paper received from another landowner in this Open Forum 126 were both NOTED and placed ON FILE in MPC records and this item will be considered next our meeting. DEFERRED to 127

9.2 Shropshire Mid West Flood Forum 2.00pm in Minsterley Parish Hall next Tues 19 June 2012: NOTED
Note: SC Officer Helen Walters phoned the Clerk on Wed 13 Jun'12 to say that this may NOT be the actual date.

9.3 Minsterley Place Plan See SC Officer Rachel Johnson's email regarding this matter: DEFERRED to 127

9.4 Clerk's Leaving Date: Ian Hutchinson will step down from this post at 11.59 pm on Thurs 14 June 2012.
a. Ian undertook to draw up these draft MPC Minutes 126 and perform most jobs arising from them. NOTED
b. Ian handed the Minsterley Box containing all MPC books, files and papers over to the Chairman. NOTED
c. Ian handed the Chairman a file with a letter of indemnity stating that MPC has paid all the wages+expenses which he wants from MPC in respect of all the work which he has ever done as the Minsterley Parish Clerk; plus: papers showing national rates of pay and his offer of locum work for MPC at 15.90 per day. NOTED

10. NEXT MEETING 127 to be held on Tuesday 10th July 2012 at 7.00pm in Minsterley Parish Hall.

MEETING 126 CLOSED 8.25pm Duration: one hour and twenty five minutes

CHAIRMAN'S SIGNATURE: _______________________________________________________
Chairman's Signature Dated: 10 July 2012

1420 words Printed: 13 June 2012


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