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Minutes of meeting 11th Dec 2018

Minsterley Parish Council

Chair G M Rogers

MINUTES TUES 11th Dec 2018 7 pm Dec 18

Present G Rogers (GR) Chair, Councillors Allen (NA) Bill (BB) Brown (GB) Hignett (NH) Lockwood (SL) Jackson (RJ) Potter (AP) Davies (MD)

D Leeson (clerk) & 3 residents

1/ Open Forum
B Davies gave a quick update on the football team use of the Pitch. Requested assistance in purchase of a new line marker. Other updates to facilities welcome.
D Jones gave some info around Old Bus Depot development. Flooding and footway were key issues.
Grove footpath an encroaching tree may prove an issue.
Still no officer for flooding at S Council
Saftey issue with Sluice Letter to P Nutting.
No Police report.
BB reported attempt to break in at P.O. Also Vans with tools being targeted.

2/ Apologies
None all present

3/ Dispensations/Interests
GB Parish Hall RJ Church AP & MD declared an interest in planning decisions

4/ Minutes of Oct 18 meeting & matters arising
Signed as true by Chair (GR) Proposed by All sec all

5/ Parish Property
a) Square
Wooden noticeboard of rural area blown down and legs broken. Est cost to resite 350 from T Bishton, agreed to proceed.
RJ reported obstruction in channel of creamery conduit. D Jones will look at.
P Stealey looking at gate solution for urinal.

b) Playing field
Agreed to purchase new line marker for football field up to 300. This must be kept secure.

c) Street lights
Parish Light 31 Plox Green rd contractor to be asked for details of a fix as it is in critical position.
Parish light 50 between 42/51 Longleat waiting for WPD fix has this been completed?
1 highway lights :- Opposite entrance to Orchid Meadow on Callow Lane.
2 Sevenside lights appear out SL to inf Clerk of contact.
(Act Clerk)

d) Footpaths
Clerk to persue spray paint re dog foul.

e) Play areas
Black pour has been repaired. items o/s.
P Stealey hoping to fix adult equipment he has removed.
Paint to be sourced and S Pryce asked for est

f) De Fib

Other Seat at Plox Green installed by contractor at no cost, Letter of thanks to be sent.

6/ Shropshire Council

a) Highways
Bus service has had a reduced timetable.
BT have visited Horsebridge re low cables.
SL had got road safety initiative from PCC Clerk to approach for Veh Activated signs and other solutions.
A request for a solid white Edge Line on the Misterley Pontesbury stretch to help drivers in the dark
NH said over 1k potholes still to be done
(Act Clerk)

b) Footpaths
MD said lot of encroaching

c) Other SC items/Flooding
Cenetary gate and wall damaged, reported to M Foxall by Chair.

7/ Planning
18/05381/FUL 19 callow Cres approve
18/05514/FUL Brook Hse - approve
18/05515/LBC Brook Hse approve
18/02023/EIA Poulton fm info
Tree Prune top of Ashlea

SC local plan has been presented for consultation.
General discussion around document. Meeting to be arranged 7 or 9 Jan 2019

8/Payments to be made
i/ Clerks Pay 3rd QTR 2019 648 chq no 830
ii/ HMRC PAYE for Clerk 3rd QTR 2019 432 chq no 831
iii/ Clerks agreed exp3rd QTR 2019 88.44 chq no 832
iiii/ S Pryce cleaning contract 3rd QTR 2019 845 chq no 833
v/ Gadson Bench 714.64 chq no 834
Insurance payt for Shelter 6291.67
Pitch rental 200 from Minst Rgrs
Bank statement 36347.82 noted by chair.

No env grant, any request must be at least match funding by direct application.

None Clerk inf new email address imminent

Meeting ended 21:05 next meeting 8/1/19 Happy Xmas to all

Signed as true by Chair 8/1/2019


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