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Minutes of meeting 14th Aug 2018

Minsterley Parish Council

Chair G M Rogers

MINUTES TUES 14th Aug 2018 7:00 pm Aug 18

Present G Rogers (GR) Chair, Councillors Brown (GB) Hignett (NH) Bill (BB) Lockwood (SL) Jackson (RJ) Allen (NA)

D Leeson (clerk) + 4 residents

1/ Open Forum
No Police report
A Linden fields resident raised the issue of planning app 18/03583/OUT. There was a discussion around this app especially around flooding.
A resident raised the issue of the gateway from the new Clutton development onto the playing field. Also can we ensure that gates are locked.
There is vegetation growing out from he garden of Callow Cres and obstructing the path.
D Jones inf that he and A Potter were to start work clearing the brook for which they are responsible.

2/ Apologies
M Davies A Potter

3/ Dispensations/Interests
GB Parish Hall RJ Church

4/ Minutes of July 18 meeting & matters arising
Signed as true by Chair (GR) Proposed by GB sec all

5/ Parish Property
a) Square
Notice had been received to remove dead tree on Parish prop by bus shelter in the square.Apply for extension to time and ask contractors for quote. All agreed.

Hedge at Pear Tree cottage is obstructing view when exiting Callow Lane, Clerk to write to owner.
Furter discussion about lorries thru village and Horebridge rd, No immeadiate solution.

b) Playing field
Possible tidy of low lying tree branches, quote of 230 agreed to proceed.
Parking at playing field blocking access Sevenside to be informed.

c) Street lights
Poss issue no 53 outside Kensington gdns.

d) Footpaths
Maple dr littering from parked dairy vehicles. Dog fouling still an issue.

e) Play areas
Clerk had agreed to meet contractor but meeting postponed til 30th Aug P Hall area tidy. Complaints about Callow Lane to be passed to Police team.

f) Parish Hall

g) De Fib
Unit checked and OK. Clerk awaiting details of training

6/ Shropshire Council
Info about a change in 30 mph area Callow Lane. Parking at school to be looked at in new term by Police.
Grove hedge issue ongoing with associated parties.

a) Highways

b) Footpaths

c) Other Sc items Flooding/Youth
Flood discussed in open forum. GB had a letter from Clive Wright saying a flood officer to be recruited

7/ Planning
18/03291/FUL home improvements Poulton farm no obj
18/03536/FUL garage 4&5 Alde Dr no obj
18/03583/OUT development old bus sheds
A discussion around this app directed clerk to object and ask for representation to put forward requirements of council around change of use, flooding, access lighting footpaths etc
Meeting tomorrow about local plan with A Jones.

8/Payments to be made

i/ A Dudleston tree surgery play area 530 chq no 814
ii/ I C O registration 40 chq no 815
iii/ PKF Audit Fee 480 chq no 816
Bank statement 45262.32.
Audit agreed by external auditors no comments

Read by Clerk

Next meeting Tues 11/9/18 Meeting ended 20:40

Signed as true by Chair 11/9/2018


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