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Minutes of meeting 12th June 2018

Minsterley Parish Council

Chair G M Rogers

MINUTES TUES 12th June 2018 7:00 pm June 18

Present G Rogers (GR) Chair, Councillors Allen (NA) Brown (GB) Hignett (NH) Bill (BB) Lockwood (SL) Potter (AP)

D Leeson (clerk) + PCSO Bradley + D Jones & C Kinnersley

1/ Open Forum
Chair opened meeting but had to absent himself for 15 mins during which Cllr Bill took the Chair
C Kinnersley raised an issue with nuisance dogs. Chair suggested contact Dawn Stockton public protection licensing & noise. Possibly also RSPCA.
She also raised an issue with the Orchid Meadow boundary line and the work being carried out early morning til late at weekends. Chair thought a site meeting may be required.
Clerk read out Police report. 2 Assault, 8 rti, Theft 2, asb 4, concerns for safety 4, suspicious circumstance 4. PCSO said no major incidents or activity.
Clerk had a call from resident about youth at Callow Lane play area PCSO will contact. AP raised issue about ASB PCSO will look into.

2/ Apologies
M Davies holiday, R Jackson church meeting.

3/ Dispensations/Interests
GB Parish Hall GR declared an interest in planning apps and did not contribute

4/ Minutes of May 18 meeting & matters arising
Signed as true by Chair (GR) Proposed by all sec all

5/ Parish Property
a) Square
Roundabout requires repair by Highways.
A blocked drain outside church/post office has caused problems and is a direct risk to property. Cllr Bill and clerk had reported but an unhelpful reply from P Muir about lack of money had tried to palm off the issue. NH said he will take up with officers.

b) Playing field
Grass has been cut but left long. M Pugh to be asked to look at as unfit for games.
He had said that selective weedkiller would be required for the plethora of wildflowers. After discussion was decided to leave. MUGA needs a tidy.
C Kinnersley stated issue with mini motorbikes, Police were made aware and will look into.

c) Street lights
Highway light at Little Minsterley is being looked at by WPD.
Agreed to replace 10 lights as suggested by engineer in Callow Cres.
Also 2 lights by 12a were to be 50 watt led.

d) Footpaths
Dog fouling ongoing issue, J Salisbury to be asked to sign by school and callow cres.
Pontesbury footpath length of grass an issue, NH will talk to officers.

e) Play areas
Safety check will be done and clerk issued reports for consideration and decision on repairs.
Large limb had come down from oak in play area. P Stealey had dealt with. Some other decayed areas will need a survey S Council to be approached.

f) Parish Hall
SL was concerned about poss leak? GB will look into

g) De Fib
Unit checked and OK. Clerk to get details of training and mail interested parties.

6/ Shropshire Council

a) Highways
Note from resident about danger of HGV in Horsebridge.To request unsuitable for HGV sign.
No 6 Alder dr has veg growing over path – letter to resident.
Signs in hedges not visible who is responsible?
(Act Clerk)

b) Footpaths
Change to 0427 & 0431, - no comment.

c) Other Sc items – Flooding/Youth
Flood meeting unable to go forward as highways didn’t attend. Forum have complained. Forum have asked for the appointment of a flood officer.
Linden fields flooded as suspected at time of development.
D Jones went over toxicity report
LJC expect to ask £1600 for youth provision. Future in doubt after this year.

7/ Planning
18/02023/EIA erect 2 poultry sheds Poulton fm
18/02449/FUL rear ext 2 reabrook cotts
18/02230/FUL conservatory 6 longfield terr
18/002482/FUL wood fm snailbeach ext to agric building

No objections

8/Payments to be made

i/ Clerks Pay 1st QTR 2019 £648 chq no 801
ii/ HMRC PAYE for Clerk 1st QTR 2019 £432 chq no 802
iii/ Clerks agreed exp 1st QTR 2019 £120 chq no 803
iiii/ S Pryce cleaning contract 1st QTR 2019 £845 chq no 804
v/ Wicksteed play area inspections £162 chq no 805
vi/ G Brown for P Hall hire flood forum £14 chq no 806
vii/ Clerk reimburse paint for shelter purchase £15 chq no 807
viii/ P Stealey tree limb remove and security fence £295.20 chq no 808
viiii/ T Bishton brook clearance and spring planting etc £1090 chq no 809
Bank statement £53070.14 noted by Chair includes VAT rebate £1562.80.

Next meeting Tues 10/7/18 Meeting ended 21:10

Signed as true by Chair 10/7/2018


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