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Minutes of meeting 18th May 2018

Minsterley Parish Council

Chair G M Rogers

MINUTES TUES 18th May 2018 7:00 pm May 18

Present G Rogers (GR) Chair, Councillors Allen (NA) Brown (GB) Hignett (NH) Jackson (RJ) Davies (MD) Bill (BB) Lockwood (SL)

D Leeson (clerk)

1/ Open Forum
A letter had been passed to Council concerned about drug abuse. Clerk will take up with Police and Sevenside housing.
Clerk read out Police report. 7 Assault, 4 rti, Veh Dam 3 Theft 1, asb 4, burglary 1.
Clerk will ask if we can take down a Police sign about the accident at the takeaway.

2/ Appointment of new Council.
Clerk took over Council and thanked all for efforts. He then asked for any nominations for officers of the Council.
Councillor Rogers was again appointed Chair Pro BB Sec GB
He then resumed as Chair of meeting
Councillor Bill was again appointed Vice Chair Pro GR Sec GB

3/ Apologies
M Davies arrive late, A Potter work commitment

4/ Dispensations/Interests
GB Parish Hall RJ Church

5/ Minutes of Apr 18 meeting & matters arising
After addition of comment from NA about sign at Plox Green.
Signed as true by Chair (GR) Proposed by all sec all

6/ Parish Property
a) Square
A vehicle has hit the roundabout it requires repair by Highways. Tony Bishton has had to repair some of the planting after some post party mess of the beds. Sponsorship has not been forthcoming.
The bus shelters need painting S Pryce has offered for 60. Clerk to source paint and inform Mr Pryce.
It appears the bin outside the Co- op is being used for shop waste by the takeaway staff. Env Health to be inf.

b) Playing field
No reply from planning about footpath onto playing field.
Grass has been cut but long due to spring growth. Rounders to be asked for Fee.
Clerk to pursue ownership query?.

c) Street lights
Sill 1 highway light at Little Minsterley as you enter from Pontesbury,
Also 1st light heading south after the garage forecourt
Highway light opp 25 Ashlea light gone is it to be replaced.
Contractor to be asked if there is a cost saving if we replace a sequence of lights with LED instead of piecemeal replacement.(Act Clerk)

d) Footpaths
Dog fouling ongoing issue, J Salisbury will sign when able.
Pontesbury footpath breaking down due to settlement highways pursuing.
Tourist signs put right in front of village gates at Plox Green entrance to village.
Clerk to raise with hughways. Also state that as no concerns raised and no meeting that we can place a bench on footpath to Pontesbury.

e) Play areas
Safety check will be done in May. NA has repaired some of the black pour areas. Thanks were voted to him for same.
T Bishton tidied brook at Callow Lane 15 bags of cans. Can Police be made aware

f) De Fib
Unit checked and OK. Clerk is in process of leafletting.

7/ Shropshire Council

a) Highways
NH gave an update on Pot hole issues. Sais there was a cocern about lack of any capital works.
NA asked that he raise an issue about chewing gum in shrewsbury.
Can we again pass on issues with Minsterley park corner where drain is leaking across rd. Can the Grove has be included in work schedule for autumn.
There had been an accident at the Bus shelter at Plox Green, Clerk obtaining estimates. It required a rebuild.
(Act Clerk)

b) Footpaths

c) Other Sc items Flooding/Youth
Bill for silt assessment paid but not cashed will pursue.
Request from M Mead for funding this year. LJC meeting should discuss. Discussion about value of Youth Club. This led to a discussion on CIL funds.

8/ Planning
Still no update on Place Plan. Enforcement notice a 1 Kens Gdns.

9/Payments to be made

i/ Came & Co insurance 985.50 chq no 799
ii/ G Knowles Int Audit 50 chq no 800
Bank statement 53067.84 noted by Chair includes precept 18500 + CIL 5788.13
Audit papers approved and signed by Chair
Rights to examine accounts $ June 13th July
Sevenside walk of village 9/5/16 10:30
Note of GDPR

Next meeting Tues 12/6/18 Meeting ended 20:45

Signed as true by Chair 12/6/2018


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