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Minutes of AGM 17th Apr 2018

Minsterley Parish Council

Chair G M Rogers

AGM MINUTES TUES 17th Apr 2018 7pm 2018

Present G Rogers (GR) Chair
Councillors Allen (NA) Potter(AP) Brown(GB) Bill(BB) Davies(MD) Jackson(RJ) Hignett(NH)

D Leeson (clerk) + 2 residents

1/ Apologies S Lockwood other meeting

2/ Comments from Chair

Councillor Rogers read a report going over the year and in particular :-
Difficulties with Shropshire Council, Parsih moving to LED lights, Flood group thanks to D Jones, speeding still an issue, as with dog fouling, there is now a DEFIB at Parish Hall.
Spring planting has been continued thanks passed to T Bishton, thanks also to S Pryce caretaker,
He also thanked Clerk for work.
Full details are held in Clerks Minutes

3/ Clerk Report

The Clerk gave an outline of the financial position of the council.
Full details are held in Clerks Minutes

4/ Shropshire Councillor Report

Nick Hignett gave a report of issues relating to Shropshire Council details in Clerks minutes

5/ Police Report

No annual report still a low crime area any concerns should be reported via crimestoppers 101

6/ School

Clive Roe is to retire in the summer. He sent info on the school which is a credit to the community. Details available from Clerk minutes

7/ Parish Hall

GB presented the accounts, which show a surplus of 283 however there are 2 o/s payments to go from this. Some bookings lost but more childrens parties.
Premises in good order but unfortunately Mandy is leaving for another job.

8/ Representation from Parishoners

Residents raised an issue about speeding and dangerous cycling, Clerk to pursue safer speeds and see of Parish are able to put up signs for cyclists.
D Jones asked about fencing at the brook opposite the village hall, and also at the Grove.
Also about silt management at the bridge in village centre.
Dog fouling an issue can we have signs to keep dogs on a lead.
The leigh road has numerous Pot Holes.

Meeting ended 20:10

Signed as true by Chair



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