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Minutes of meeting 10th Oct 2017

Minsterley Parish Council

Chair G M Rogers

MINUTES TUES 10th Oct 2017 7 pm Oct 17

Present G Rogers (GR) Chair, Councillors Allen (NA) Bill (BB) Brown (GB) Lockwood (SL) Jackson (RJ) Potter (AP)

D Leeson (clerk) & R Burdekin & 2 public.

1/ Open Forum
Mr D Jones gave some information around flooding issues he has been researching. There is a flood forum on 14th Oct.
Halls had been informed of issues. Thanks offered to Mr Jones for efforts.
R Burdekin went over issues arising from recent training meeting for defib 1st responder volunteers. The process needs some re-invigoration.
No Police report or contact from new P.C. SL will provide email.

2/ Apologies
NH holiday, MD absent

3/ Dispensations/Interests
GB Parish Hall RJ Church

4/ Minutes of Sept 17 meeting & matters arising
Signed as true by Chair (GR) Proposed by GB sec all

5/ Parish Property
a) Square
The wooden railings missing on the fence between Barytes cottage and the bridge to Hall Cottage have been repaired.
Clerk to find out what trees are suitable for planting as highways state they have no issue with some planting being done.
Letter from T Bishton about costs and work. Agreed to increase in costs. Also for Daffodil planning along Leigh rd towards cemetery. Clerk will write to Tony.
b) Playing field
A Yapp has not put rail up as yet.
The tree officer has visited and said no TPO on the trees. She did not see any issues with trees. GR said that as landlord and if they are happy then no work required.

c) Street lights
Repairs done. Also agreed 6 LED upgrade done under CIL powers.
Contractor has advised that SOXX lighting will not be produced from 2020 as deemed obsolete as LED deemed way forward. Decided to replace fails with LED where preferable.
1 highways light at zebra crossing on school side on A488.
(Act Clerk)

d) Footpaths
Dog fouling still an issue.

e) Play areas
New signage up.
Black pour problem - STC do not do repairs they ask R Parry to carry out.
This job appears to small for him. NA said he will endeavour to replace. Thanks offered.

f) De Fib
Clerk arranged training 9 Sept. This is to be reinvigorated. Agreement forms to be signed by Clerk and returned to R Burdekin. Further training session to be arranged 23 Oct?

6/ Shropshire Council

a) Highways
Ongoing issue on Horsebridge rd with leaking and pot hole is worsening and a further pot hole near Brynteg.
Safer roads partnership have obtained data and will give us update.
Majority of channels in raods are full of vegetation have Ringway done the clear yet? Are they due to do so?
Can we have a sweep path/rd from bridge to leigh rd mini roundabout?
Hedge at Grove is overgrown R Parry informed as agent of C Evans.
Litter bins at Co-op still have paint that we are unable to remove.
(Act Clerk)

b) Footpaths
c) Flooding
Discussed in Open forum
d) Poles Coppice.
No monies available to commit for site development. Council are happy with basic safety work as agreed by SC. Also concerned of legality of payments out of Parish. M Blount to be inf.

7/ Planning
17/04286/FUL 2 storey house north of leigh rd, revised application
17/04254/FUL extensions at 3 Alder Drive
No viable objections to either

8/Payments to be made
i/ S Council street light energy 1st & 2nd QTRS 17/18 2054.96 chq no 767
ii/ Potters Electriacl street light repair 395.40 chq no 768
iii/ Potters Electrical light LED upgrade(CIL) 2004.00 chq no 769
iiii/ Minsterley Parish Hall hire for flood meeting 14 chq no 770

Bank statement 45033.59 noted by chair corresponds with accts statement
Council asked to consider budget requirements for 20178-19 to be discussed at Nov meeting

Read out by clerk.
Shropshire Hills AONB are looking for board members
S Council have issued details of Local plan review available on Cabinet web pages.

Remembrance Sunday NH to be asked to lay wreath, GB to source, Police to be asked to attend, volunteers will attend to warn traffic.

Meeting ended 21:15

Signed as true by Chair 14/11/2017


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