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Minutes of meeting 18th April 2017 8pm

Minsterley Parish Council

Chair G M Rogers

MINUTES TUES 18th Apr 2017 7.45 pm Apr 17

Present G Rogers (GR) Chair, Councillors Jackson (RJ) Allen (NA) Potter (AP) Bill (BB) Brown (GB) Taylor (PT) Davis (MD)

D Leeson (clerk) & 4 members of public.

1/ Open Forum
S Lockwood raised issue with bus shelter with the creamery, if we can get evidence the creamery will take action.
N Hignett supplied some dog fouling notices for distribution.
D Jones said that dogs were also becoming a nuisance on agricultural land.
Clerk to raise via website
P.C. had supplied a report, 3 ASB(1 youth) 1 Violence, 1 Burglary, 1 Theft, these are all in hand.
MD said that the ASB on his land has become intolerable and he had removed a large number items where people had set up ‘camp’. He had reported to police but only got appropriate action after intervention of PC Somerfield.

2/ Apologies
TB – illness

3/ Dispensations/Interests
GR School
RJ church
GB Parish Hall

4/ Minutes of Mar 17 meeting & matters arising

Signed as true by Chair (GR) Proposed by all sec all

5/ Parish Property
a) Square
K Rolfe at SC had said we were OK to reinstate the corrugated iron surround to the urinal. It was not integral to the listed structure and stone wall surround. GR to approach Tony Bishton.
There were a number of bills promoting a concert in Shrewsbury. D Furlong at SC to be approached about permission and removal after event.

b) Playing field
SC council have sent an expression of wish form to see if want to take ownership of the playing field. As we currently manage this under a peppercorn lease it was thought this would be a good idea, extra liability would be negligible and would be a valuable asset for the council.

c) Street lights
Engineer provided some information on LEDs it was decided that the required 2 replacement lights in plox green be LEDs and also an historical missing light at the plox green bridge be LED. This would enable us to evaluate and replace further broken units with LED (Act Clerk)

d) Footpaths
A resident had asked that a bench be provided on Pontesbury footpath. As most of the path is in Pontesbury and because of complaints about benches elsewhere it was decided against.

e) Play areas
Basket swing seats broken. Clerk to purchase 2 replacemnt seats Sutcliffe leisure, £308. Inspection report distributed, Councillors to look into and evaluate what work will be required/puchases made.

6/ Shropshire Council

a) Highways
Hedges have again overgrown the roundabout signs at the mini roundabout at Horsebridge rd/Leigh rd. And also the give way sign at the grove junction with Horsebridge rd.
Hole in highway at Horsebrige rd by the Seven Trent entrance is still a hazard and is growing
There is an issue with parking around the layby at the school as visitors are parking part on verge part on highway and causing a hazard. Can bollards be installed? (if they are a removable one would be required outside Davies, farm gateway) (Act Clerk)

b) Footpaths
Across the road from the Co op on the main road leaf fall and vegetation detritus/moss has made the pathway dangerously slippy. Also on the pathway from the new vicarage to the cemetery. (Act Clerk).

c) DFib
M Hockly has fitted box, 6 volunteers names to be paseed to R Burdikin. More to be sought but thought that this would be a good start.

d/ Flooding
D/W at AGM earlier

e/ Poles Coppice
D/W at AGM earlier
f/ Youth provision
Only available til Dec there have been some new members of club, await info from SC.

g/ Cemetery
SC have approached about the nearly full cemetery. They want the PC to purchase some land to expand. Will await SC info, but the appetite to take on responsibilities for a cemetery does not exist on the council.

7/ Planning

No applications,

8/Payments to be made

i/ Wicksteed Leisure play area safety inspection £162.00 chq no 745
ii/ Shropshire Council playing field lease £10.00 chq no 746

All approved. Bank statement £29110.99. 2 chq not presented 741 & 744
End of year unaudited accts distributed by clerk
Clerk asked for permission to issue chq 744 which was a replacement for a lost chq to Playstation safety training. Signatories authorised to write to bank to have original chq stopped before issue


Signed as true by Chair 9/05/2017


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