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Minutes of meeting Tues 14th Feb 2017

Minsterley Parish Council

Chair G M Rogers

MINUTES TUES 14th Feb 2017 7 pm Feb 17

Present G Rogers (GR) Chair, Councillors Jackson (RJ) Allen (NA) Davies (MD) Bill (BB) Brown (GB) Taylor (PT)

D Leeson (clerk) & 8 members of public.

1/ Open Forum
JL asked for the hedge at The Grove to be cut, Clerk appraised her of position and said he would persue.
DJ again asked for an update on flood issue at Little Minsterley with new development, reply from I Kilby said to write to him.
There were a number of representations from resident about the planning applications of reserved matters.
Also concerns about Brookfield and Orchid meadow. Clerk to watch for updates.
P.C. had supplied a report, 1 ASB(non youth) 2 Burglary, 1 Crim damage, 1 possession of weapon, 6 Assault, these are all in hand and people identified.

2/ Apologies
TB – illness, AP - family

3/ Dispensations/Interests
GR School
RJ church
GB Parish Hall

4/ Minutes of Jan 17 meeting & matters arising

Signed as true by Chair (GR) Proposed by all sec all
GB confirmed that the defib could be put on wall at Parish Hall. Clerk will inform R Burdekin.

5/ Parish Property
a) Square
Contact re Urinal to be pursued by Clerk. Graffiti in bus shelter to be painted by Caretaker.

b) Playing field
Hedges not cut, Sign has wrong number (Act Clerk)

c) Street lights
Parish lights out 67, 73, 74 power supply fixed by WPD but lights have gone missing. Clerk to pursue (Act Clerk)
Highway lights (3) out, Callow Lane, Little Minsterley and at toll house (Act Clerk)

d) Footpaths
J Salisbury has been contacted about dog fouling, MD proposed bags to be tied to bins. Clerk to look into and publicise, also to ask if notices made by school children can be put on streetlights.(Act Clerk)

e) Play areas
Swing seat broken replacement part obtained seems wrong fit, NA to see if works. Inspection requested

6/ Shropshire Council

a) Highways
Little Minsterley speeding issue can we get a price for 30 mph on roadway and can the 30 mph zone be extended?
Can the Grove hedge cut be pursued?
Hole in highway at Horsebrige rd
(Act Clerk)

b) Footpaths
Footpath 57 no further news.

c) Other SC issues
LJC meeting on 16 Feb to discuss youth provision, Flood meeting 20th Feb

7/ Planning

Letter from I Kilby in response to complaint about lack of response. Did not really improve matters, Clerk to pursue.
17/00149/REM – Land off Horsebridge Rd
17/00242/REM – Land off Leigh Rd
These were the applications that residents had brought up in open forum, their concerns were to be passed to planning.
17/00251/VAR – orchid drive development, no comments

Clerk to be vigilant for other planning concerns,(Brookfield)
(Act /Clerk)

8/Payments to be made

i/ Potters Electrical light repairs £486.19 chq no 733
ii/ Wicksteed replacement part for swing seat £76.20 chq no 734
This was approved with the caveat that if it didn’t fit it would be cancelled
iii/ ROSPA safety training £564 chq no 735
iiii/ Minsterley Parish Hall hire for meetings £130 chq no 736

All approved. Bank statement received post meeting £32725.09.


Clerk noted new council in May and councillors should consider what their intentions are and kindly let Clerk or Chair know.

Meeting ended 20:45 next meeting 14/03/17

Signed as true by Chair 14/03/2017


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