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Minutes of AGM 2016 12th April 2016

Minsterley Parish Council

Chair G M Rogers

AGM MINUTES TUES 14th Apr 2015 7pm 2015

Present G Rogers (GR) Chair
Councillors Allen (NA) Jackson(RJ) Taylor(PT) Brown(GB)

D Leeson (clerk) + 1 residents

1/ Apologies T Bebb ill, M Davies family, B Bill ill

2/ Comments from Chair

Councillor Rogers read a report going over the year and in particular :- Flooding, new footpath between villages, thanks to local sponsors, expansion of playground equipment.
Youth provision and housing are ongoing issues with S Council who have withheld Parish Council grant.
He thanked R Edwards and Clerk for their work
Full details are held in Clerks Minutes

3/ Clerk Report

The Clerk gave an outline of the financial position of the council.
Full details are held in Clerks Minutes

4/ Shropshire Councillor Report

Tudor Bebb was absent due to illness

5/ Police Report

PC Somerfield had sent in details of the annual PACT meetings at which discussions can be held

6/ School

146 pupils over 5 classes projected to rise to 148. A new teacher will be required in Sept and new housing coming on stream will put pressure on school numbers. PTA give invaluable help. Is a happy learning environment excellently led by C Roe and his committed staff.

7/ Parish Hall

GB stated a new caretaker was in place, new hand dryers installed, surestart continuing.

8/ Representation from Parishoners


Meeting ended 19:15

Signed as true by Chair



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