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Minutes of meetin 11th Aug 2015

Minsterley Parish Council

Chair G M Rogers

MINUTES TUES 11th Aug 2015 7.00 pm Aug 15

Present G Rogers (GR) Chair, Councillors Brown (GB) Jackson (RJ)
Allen (NA) Taylor (PT) Bill (BB)

D Leeson (clerk) 2 judo reps + 5 public

1/ Open Forum

Residents attended the meeting to complain about the new development at Orchid Meadow. They had received letters to state work was to start and had done but they knew nothing of the development. They had a number of concerns. The Council had approved outline planning in 2014 but had not received the full planning application, issue would be discussed in meeting.
Mike & Tom gave a presentation of progress of proposed Judo club which hoped to start in Oct on Tues evenings, Chair said would be good to have club and would try and help startup Clerk would put details on website.
Clerk read Police report 3 ASB 1 Damage 1 Other theft 2 Violent Crime

2/ Apologies

M Davies - family, A Potter- family

3/ Dispensations/Interests

GR School
GB Parish Hall
RJ Church

4/ Minutes of July meeting

Signed as true by Chair (GR) Proposed by All

5/ Parish Property
a) Square

b) Playing field
Clerk asked for permission to purchase line marking materiel for football pitch and was given ok. Clerk had contacted rounders team and was asked to inform them that they should not organise grass cutting themselves or pitch marking and if they were to play 2016 then they should inform Council who will decide on any Fees. (Act Clerk)

c) Street lights

d) Footpaths

e) Play areas
AP & NA to look at basic adjustments mentioned in report(Act NA&AP)
Play area entrance exposed stone, A Yapp has repaired but coming loose finer stones may need to be wack in place (Act Clerk)
Report suggests a bench at Callow Lane but local residents against this as may become a meeting points for ASB. No action at present.

6/ Shropshire Council

a) Highways

Excess spraying with Carmen Ecclestone, the weed killing is causing erosion around areas as identified in safety report also town council areas. T Bishton to be approached for spring bulb planting.
Overgrown hedges from Belmont & Toll house encroaching on Horsebridge rd. School warning light have broken shades.(Act Clerk)

b) Footpaths

Cemetery cut seems to be tidier, and the path to it has been cleared.

7/ Planning.

i/ 15/02780/FUL 5 kensington Gdns approved
ii/ Mobile mast at Hogstow not in Minsterley
iii/ 15/02932/FUL 1 kensington gdns approved
iiii/ Discussion of issue with no consultation of approval of Full planning at Orchid Dr. Clerk to contact planning to find out what was going on and make representations about lack of consultation, no info re concerns of pathways, sports facility, SSI? (Act Clerk)

8/Payments to be made
i/ Minsterley Parish Hall for scouts club use 105 chq no 657
ii/ Shrpshire Council street light energy 907.93 chq no 658
iii/ ICO date protect reg 35 chq no 652

Pro BB agreed all

9/ Corres

Info from S Council about library at Pontesbury after discussion of policies at SC it was decided unable to take on an expense of 8% of precept at present un-budgeted for. Clerk to inform local parishes and SC.
Reply from Scouts about setting up expenditure.
Letter from T Bishton about misunderstandings/misrepresentations of Minsterley Parish Hall via scout enquiries.


GR gave account of meeting with Tarmac, extraction had been postponed but would be 150,00 tons via 45-55 vehicle movements, Blasting 10-12 times a year. Tarmac had a fund for Parish Halls.
NA was concerned about Ragwort and what was S Council property on public land
Clerk was liaising with I Lambie re DeFib

Meeting ended 20:45. Next meeting Sept 8th 2015

Signed as true by Chair 8/9/2015


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