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Minutes of meeting 14th July 2015

Minsterley Parish Council
Chair G M Rogers

MINUTES TUES 14th July 2015 7.00 pm July 15
Present: G Rogers (GR) Chair, Councillors Brown (GB) Jackson (RJ) Allen (NA) Taylor (PT) Potter (AP)
I Cunningham (acting clerk) + 3 public

1/ Open Forum
Resident Neil Pugh spoke against planning application 15/01810/OUT – chair GR said this will be discussed during the meeting.
Acting clerk read Police report 4 ASB, 2 Criminal Damage, 1 Public Disorder, 1 Robbery, 5 Violent Crime

2/ Apologies
D Leeson – holiday, B Bill – unwell, M Davies – unwell, T Bebb - unwell
3/ Dispensations/Interests
GR - School
GB - Parish Hall
RJ - Church
4/Minutes of June meeting
Signed as true by Chair (GR). Proposed by all.
5/Parish Property
a/ Square
b/ Playing Field
The rounders team apparently asked the town council to cut the grass on the field. If they are playing there they should be paying a fee. It had been noticed that markings had been put down using sawdust (which may contain additives which can be a hazard).
Need to determine if the rounders team are playing there (Act Clerk)
Town council need to be contacted and reminded that only Minsterley Parish council can be approached for expenditure on the playing fields (Act Clerk)
c/ Street lights
d/ Footpaths
AP stated that there is a tree (belonging to Mrs Evans) hanging over Grove footpath.
Rights of Way need to be contacted (Act Clerk)
e/ Play areas
Medium risk equipment needs some light maintenance (tightening of bolts).
NA and AP to look at tidying and filling in the play area flooring. (Act NA +AP)
6/Shropshire Council

a/ Highways
Clerk to contact NA re weed spraying and to contact Shropshire Council re getting in touch with NA (Act Clerk)
Overgrown hedges on Horsebridge Road outside Tollhouse and Belmont. Clerk to contact Highways so they can go and have a look (Act Clerk)

b/ Footpaths
Footpath up the side of the cemetery is overgrown – has Clerk contacted anyone about it? (Act Clerk).
Ploxgreen – Tollhouse to the Bus Stop layby – Overgrown vegetation is making the footpath inaccessible – Clerk to contact Highways (Act Clerk)
c/ Cemetery
Concerns were raised about grass cutting and rubbish removal. PT stated that the rubbish collection is supposed to be every 2 weeks and noted that someone had been dumping clothes at the site.
Has Clerk reported the bins at the cemetery? (Act Clerk).
Mrs Evans has reported that there are signs of mole hills around the graves. Can the Clerk please contact Mark Foxall about this (Act Clerk).
d/ School Warning signs
The shades are broken on the school warning signs around the Parish Hall area. Clerk to contact Highways to report (Act Clerk)

7/ Planning
15/01810/OUT 2 dwellings East of Horsebridge Road
Resident Neal Pugh submitted a Comments for Planning Application form. It was agreed that the Clerk can place Mr Pugh’s objections in the reply to Planning (Act Clerk)
Comments not included in the above:
i/ The land is higher than the surrounding houses therefore any new residents would overlook them.
Ii/ Not in SAMDEV comments.
Iii/ Street lighting – Can Clerk point out that Minsterley Parish do not pay for street lighting as it needs to be brought up to highways standard in that area.
General consensus of Council is against granting Planning permission.
GB was in possession of a list of official planning objections supplied by Ian Hutchinson. GB to provide Clerk with a copy (Act GB)
The area of land earmarked for 17 dwellings has had the name Lynndale Fields applied to it. It was put forward to the Parish Council for agreement. Agreed by all.
8/Payments to be made
No payments for this month.
Youth provision – Scout club started Sunday 12/07/15. The rental of the Parish Hall cost £21 per week. Clerk to approach scouts with the offer that the Parish Council will pay for the first 5 weeks. Doreen can bill the Council (Act Clerk)
Youth club – looking at starting in September 2015.
Judo club – No response from Judo club and they were expected to be at the meeting. Pat will speak to them.
Defib – Has Clerk heard from A Davies re boxes for the defib? Clerk to update Council at next meeting (Act Clerk).
Bench at Callow Lane play area – discussion required regarding using CIL money to provide a bench for this area. Clerk to add to agenda for next meeting (Act Clerk)
Chair passed correspondence to Acting Clerk to pass to Clerk. Correspondence included with Clerk’s information.
Meeting ended 20:40. Next meeting 11th August 2015.
Signed as true by Chair 11/08/2015


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