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Minutes of AGM 8th April 2014

Minsterley Parish Council

Chair G M Rogers

AGM MINUTES TUES 8th Apr 2014 7pm 2014

Present G Rogers (GR) Chair
Councillors Allen (NA) Jackson(RJ) M Davies(MD) Potter(AP) Taylor(PT) Brown(GB) Bill(BB)

D Leeson (clerk) + 3 residents

1/ Apologies T Bebb ill

2/ Comments from Chair

Councillor Rogers read a report going over the year and in particular :- Flooding, new lighting contractor, new footpath between vilages, thanks to local sponsors expansion of playground equipment
He thanked B Bill and T Bebb for standing as councillors. Also to R Edwards and Clerk for their work
Full details are held in Clerks Minutes

3/ Clerk Report

The Clerk gave an outline of the financial position of the council.
Full details are held in Clerks Minutes

4/ Shropshire Councillor Report

Tudor Bebb was absent due to illness

5/ Police Report

PC Somerfield attended the meeting to give a report. Pleasure to work in community. Focus on vehicle crime. Rural areas are a target for travelling criminals. Biggest issue this years was ASB in longleat whuch had been d/w using multi agency input. He encouraged everyone to use crimestoppers and 101 to report any crimes.Thanks volunteers for helping to keep station open. Was hoping for new Special. The size of his area was a concern but intelligence led policing was having results We have a new Inspector Preece and Sergeant Tanfield. In all he thought it a good year.
6/ School

139 pupils over 5 classes projected to rise to 148. Attendance is 96.4% which is above target. PTA give invaluable help. Is a happy learning environment excellently led by C Roe and his commited staff.

7/ Parish Hall

GB sated accts done but yet to be presented to Hall committee. Fire alarm installed and some update of electrical system. These were a drain on finances, regular users were continuing but in need of new committee members.

8/ Representation from Parishoners

Helen Fairweather asked/informed the council re the demise of the youth club. The youth team would like to see it continue she wanted to know if the PC supported this and all agreed. A youth partnership could start a new function she hd spoken to interested parties and wanted to know what support the PC could offer. She was happy to facilitate. Chair asked that if the included in May agenda and thanked her for her interest.
There was then a general discussion re the ongoing flood issue. AP said work had been delayed and now was further hampered by spring birdlife in a hedge to be moved while work underway. Clerk had a replay from Env agency to MP. Will be actioned in Apr agenda.

Meeting ended 19:45

Signed as true by Chair



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