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Minutes of Meeting 9th Sept 2014

Minsterley Parish Council

Chair G M Rogers

MINUTES TUES 9th Sept 2014 7pm Sept 14

Present G Rogers (GR) Chair Councillors Brown (GB) Jackson (RJ)
Potter (AP) Allen (NA) Bill (BB) Bebb (TB) Taylor (PT)

I Cunningham (act clerk) + 1 agent + 3 residents

1/ Open Forum
Agent for 15 homes off Horsebridge Rd outlined development for site, Resident questioned SAMDEV regs re number of houses to be built in area. GR stated this is set by Shrops Council and out of scope of the Parish Council.
Resident reported tree down in brook near school GR to check. (Act GR)
PC had submitted report for July/Aug. 1 Drug related(enquries ongoing) 5 ASB (resolved by SNT). Incidence of Car fies being treated as a criminal matter(ongoing)
NA had tried to report a tree on road using 101 but no response after 5 attempts(Act Clerk to inf PC)

2/ Apologies

M Davies Family
T Bebb
D Leeson Holiday

3/ Dispensations/Interests

GR School
GB Parish Hall

4/ Minutes of July meeting

Signed as true by Chair (GR) Proposed by BB seconded GB
Matters arising –
i/ Concerns raised as no Aug meet this year G R asked that this be on agenda for Oct meeting.
ii/ Confirm T Bishton invoiced for work done? (football posts seating in square?)
iii/ Confirm Clerk liaised with PC re ASB camera?
iiii/ Confirm Clerk liaised with Minsterley Garage re roundabout signage?
v/ GB has walking maps but yet to be installed

5/ Parish Property

a) Square

New noticeboard could be purchased by Clerk who is to contact MD re funding and BB re siting.(Act Clerk)

b) Playing field
Clerk authorised to purchase line marking material. (Act Clerk)

c) Street lights
Light in Maple Dr timing out by 30 mins, no action required as yet.

d) Footpaths
The path behind the Mount is overgrown. Rights of way informed they are trying to contact the landowner Clerk to obtain update.(Act Clerk)

e) Play areas

NA and he and AP have carried out maintenance in hand. Thanks given by Chair.
NA stated they require advice as to tidy edges of rubber matting and ‘shackle bolts’ may be required. Chair will ask SC for advice(Act GR)
Clerk to have risk forms completed at Oct meeting
P Stealey had installed fencing at Callow Lane.
Broken branch in Oak tree in playground removed

6/ Shropshire Council

a) Highways
i/ GB had reported a broken concretet cover opposite creamery entrance to SC who said it was a BT issue, no response from BT. Clerk to take pursue.
ii/ Large pothole on Station Terrace, Clerk to take up with SC(Act Clerk)
iii/ Clerk to liaise with TB and SC to get news on resurfacing in village centre
iiii/ R Edwards has reported Bus stop being used as toilet, c/f to Oct agenda

b) Footpaths

Minsterley – Pontesbury path – Mr D Jones has written to SC outlining issues with new path, no response as yet, Clerk to speak to A Wilde re signage(Act Clerk)

c) Flooding

Clerk to liaise with TB & MD re silt under bridge. (Act Clerk MD & TB)

7/ Planning.

i/ 14/OUT152/TPO prune of Oak at 62 Ash Lea – no comment
ii/ 14/03334/OUT – dwelling & vehicular access land adj Fairbank Leigh Rd timje expired for comments as no Aug meeting altho Clerk had emailed Councillors fpr comments, none received.
iii/ 14/03670/OUT 15 - dwellings off Horsebridge rd, Residents questioned house permitted under SAMDEV, also provision for drainage, )Chair explained that was responsibility of Seven Trent)
What will impact be on already stretched sewage works?
No pavement in area and busy road is it safe to have extra traffic entering horsebridge rd? and will there be extra traffic?, Is there sufficient lighting on Highway

iiii/ Can Clerk advise position re earlier applications/decisions

8/Payments to be made

Payments already made under powers the Clerk holds as RFO to enable timeous payments and agreed with Chair and other payments signatory
i/ A Dudleston Emergency Tree Surgery play area £50 chq no 607
ii/ P Stealey Callow Lane fencing £680 chq no 608
iii/ S Council – QTR street light energy bill £876.06 chq no 609

Payments to be made and sined by signatory at meeting

iiii/ Clerks Pay (3 months to Sept) £576 chq no 610
v/ HMRC for Clerks PAYE £384 chq no 611
vi/ Cerks EXP (agreed 3 mths to Sept) £84.84 chq no 612
vii/ R Edwards – contract caretaker services £650 chq no 613
viii/ Mazars Ext Audit £264 chq no 614
ix/ Potters Electrical street light repair £102 chq no 615

Bank statement to date noted by Chair £28,877.84 pro BB agreed All.
Chair asked that a copy of accts be provided for each councillor or emailed.


Act Clerk read out corres,
i/ Battle of Britain memorial service invite
ii/ Letter confirming J Mannering has resident status


Meeting ended 20:20. Next meeting Oct 14th 2014

Signed as true by Chair 14/10/2014


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