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Minutes of meeting 10th June 2014

Minsterley Parish Council

Chair G M Rogers

MINUTES TUES 10th June 2014 7pm June 14

Present G Rogers (GR) Chair Councillors Brown (GB) Jackson (RJ)
Potter (AP) Allen (NA) Bill (BB) Taylor (PT) Bebb (TB) Davies (MD)

D Leeson (clerk) + 2 residents (Jones & Reader)

1/ Open Forum
PC had submitted report for Apr & May, plus an email re 2 ongoing incidents.
Apr - 1 Public order 1 Theft 9 ASB
May 1 assault 1 theft 1 Pub order 1 Damage 11 ASB
No further comments raised re Policing other than any issues should always be reported using 101 or 999 if emergency.

2/ Apologies


3/ Dispensations/Interests

GR School
GB Parish Hall
TB Shropshire Council

4/ Minutes of May meeting

Signed as true by Chair (GR) Proposed by PT seconded All

5/ Parish Property

a) Square
The R McGregor unable to refresh bench in square. Clerk to obtain price from T Bishton and if under agreed sum then to proceed with repainting.
The light pole which had the police camera on has been removed from square. PC and Highway lighting to be asked about replacement.
Summer planting had been done by T Bishton, one of the sponsors signs is a mess, Duncan to be asked about replacement/removal as detracts from aspect.
New noticeboard not sourced as unable to get replacement, Clerk to try Signs & Posters.
(all actions above Clerk)
GB said walking maps now ready, BB said ok near Post Office. The telephone box has been removed.

b) Playing field

c) Street lights

Outside No 21 Hawthorn Rd on 24 hours (Act Clerk)

d) Footpaths
Fallen across Grove path cleared. The path behind the Mount is overgrown. Update - Rights of way informed Clerk they are trying to contact the landowner. (Act Clerk)

e) Play areas

Equipment to carry out repairs required after Risk assessment have been received by NA and he and AP will liaise to carry out work
Caretakers weekly report states BMX track overgrown. Shrews TC to be asked to spray.
Update Caretaker states the weeds appear to have been sprayed on contracted grass cut.

6/ Shropshire Council

a) Highways
PT was concerned about the road in village centre from bridge to Toll Hse and adjoining areas, up to Minsterley Park and into Horsebridge and signage and Pot Holes. TB said he would ask A Keyland for a site visit to show him areas of concern (Act TB)
Clerk had received letter from MPs office saying that Bovale would update him on state of property they own in the village. No update as yet Clerk will write again.
Clerk will contact Sevenside re hedge on boundary of Parish Hall and Callow Cres.

b) Footpaths

Minsterley Pontesbury path was almost complete and looks to be a good installation but a few issues have arisen since it has been opened.Chair had received a letter from Mr Jones pointing out various dangers. There was a discussion of the issues. There is to be a safty audit as parts of the works and the council should have representation on it. Clerk to ask for date and inform TB (Act Clerk)

c) Flooding
Work has been completed in the area of the Grove.
There was still an issue under the bridge, after a discussion of a dredging solution TB said he will look into further (Act TB)

7/ Planning.
There was a notification for a property in Worthen Parish(Upper Hogstow)

8/Payments to be made

i/ Clerks pay Apr May Jun 576 chq no 599
ii/ HMRC Paye Clerk 384 chq no 600
iii/ Clerk agreed expense Apr May Jun 88.28 chq no 601
iiii/ R Edwards contracted cleaning 650 chq no 602
v/ Wicksteep playscapes repair equip 893.17 chq no 603
vi/ Tony Bishtion gardening 620 chq no 604

Bank statement to date noted by Chair pro TB agreed All

10/Youth provision
A meeting is to take place on 18th June, some Councillors will try to attend and RJ said he will.


No further corres other than some event adverts that the clerk had populated notice board and website with


Meeting ended 20:25

Signed as true by Chair 8/7/2014


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