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Minutes of meeting 13th May 2014

Minsterley Parish Council

Chair G M Rogers

MINUTES TUES 13th May 2014 7pm May 14

Present G Rogers (GR) Chair Councillors Brown (GB) Jackson (RJ)
Potter (AP) Allen (NA) Bill (BB) Taylor (PT) Bebb (TB)

D Leeson (clerk) + 1 developer rep

1/ Open Forum
No Police report or attendance.
Developer went over outline plan for 13 houses at Little Minsterley. 6x3 5x2 2x4 beds
There was a discussion of suitability of site especially in response to drainage issues.
CIL would be around 65,000

2/ Appointment of new council.
Clerk welcomed councillors and asked for nominations for Chair, G Rogers was nominated (TB & BB) and voted as Chair. TB was nominated(GR&BB) as Vice Chair and voted by council.

3/ Apologies

M Davies not attended work commitment.

4/ Dispensations/Interests Co Option

GR School
GB Parish Hall
TB Shropshire Council

5/ Minutes of Apr meeting

Signed as true by Chair (GR) Proposed by GB seconded All

6/ Parish Property

a) Square
D Davis & Co have confirmed that they will contribute 1000 to the purchase of a new notice board. Clerk to write to M Davies with thanks and to organise. (Act Clerk)
PT will ask C Middle to install (Act PT). MTRP have not decided on pathway map as yet. The bench in square needs repainting GB will approach R McGregor (Act GB).

b) Playing field

c) Street lights

1st footway light after parish sign on all day shrouded in branches. Has been reported but no action Clerk to call Repair team (Act Clerk)

d) Footpaths
One fallen trees across Grove path still needs clearing. Rights of way inf will ask them again (Act Clerk)

e) Play areas

Repairs required after Risk assessment will not be done by Shrewsbury Town Council. Decided to purchase required items from Wicksteed and NA will carry out work.
(Act Clerk)
The new play equipment has been added to the insurance by 7K. The insurance ws dur for renewal and a cheaper price was available under a long term(3 year) agreement. It was agreed that this would be worthwhile as GR signed agreement.
Gate at Hogarth Close has been locked.

7/ Shropshire Council

a) Highways
A488/A5 roundabout signage has been amended.
PT was concerned about the road in village centre from bridge to Toll Hse.
TB will inform highways and clerk will write about resurface and marking (Act TB & Clerk)

b) Footpaths
Minsterley Pontesbury path progressing vigilance required when signs go up

c) Flooding
Work has started and progressing, Clerk had had replies to various corres. There was a discussion of works. Clerk gave credit to the tenacity of the council in getting this organised for the residents. Clerk to thank MP
There was still an issue under the bridge TB will approach D Edwards (Act TB & Clerk)

8/ Planning
5 Station Close & 6 Briar Close both no comments
Little Minsterley outline 13 houses, TB & GR left meeting and after discussion no real concerns raised although out of village boundary this would still progress under NPPF. There were worries about drainage and interference with existing drainage from village to rea brook.
There was an notification from seven trent for Stapeley common but this was out of the parish

9/Agree account for audit
Clerk had the accounts audited by C Muir
Mazars Audit Commission forms signed by G Rogers agreed TB & BB

10/Payments to be made

i/ C Muir Internal Audit 40 chq no 594
ii/ F Carne & Co dog stickers 32.58 chq No 595
iii/ Shropshire Council Rec Field Lease 10 chq No 596
iv/ Came & Co annual insurance 913.86 chq No 598

Accts & statement to date noted by Chair

11/Youth provision
After discussion was agreed that the council could not commit financially to support Youth provision and councillors were already committed elsewhere. Council would back any resident led initiative.


Clerk read out corres, - Pontesbury PC had written to complain about increased costs of over 16 travel to and from post 16 colleges. Council agreed to confirm our support.
Clerk went over some courses available from SALC which he thought cost prohibitive, if the council thought he needed training in any area they would fund.


Meeting ended 20:40

Signed as true by Chair 10/6/2014


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